HCBF Awards $330,019 in Round 5 of Community Benefit Grants!

HCBF’s Round 5 of Community Benefit Grants awarded $330,019 to organizations serving the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington.

The Board of Harbor Commissioner’s approved the 10 grants in Round 5, and a San Pedro Noise Assessment program ($105, 270), to be completed early-mid 2018.

The following is a list of the 10 organizations that HCBF is proud to support in Round 5:

  • Clean San Pedro – Repair and maintenance of 1,1oo trees in near-port areas of San Pedro and Wilmington
  • Cope Preparedness – Disaster Command Center, Point of Distribution, and emergency training in San Pedro
  • Harry Bridges Span School – Mirco green spaces, water quality testing, and port- related environmental education
  • Heal the Bay – Port impact education program for students and professional development workshops for teachers based on port-related environmental impacts
  • IQAir Foundation – Preschool air filtration installation
  • Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute – pulmonary screening, education and research program for San Pedro and Wilmington residents at risk for, or with, COPD.
  • Saints Peter and Paul School – Port-related environmental education program, including water and air quality testing
  • SBCC, Thrive LA – 12 community landscape project to reduce carbon levels, cleaner storm drains, and reduce asthma irritants in air
  • Sharefest Community Development, Inc. – Design plans for beautification project to create an aesthetic and environmental buffer between the recreation area and the nearby Port.
  • Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation – Floating lab field trip for San Pedro and Wilmington students to perform water quality testing and to collect data from installed settling plates in the harbor