HCBF Community Benefit Grants 2017 Release Date

HCBF’s Community Benefit Grants are back, and we are looking for innovative ways for you to help us mitigate impacts from Port of Los Angeles operations. In order to make that goal easier, HCBF adopted a new model for grant submissions at the end of 2016: the Letter of Interest (LOI). One of the goals behind the LOI model is to lower the barrier of entry for applicants. An LOI is a two page synopsis of your proposed program or project. This process allows staff to provide feedback and assistance prior to a full grant submission. More details will be provided in the Request for Letters of Interest to be released Monday, February 27th.

HCBF will have TWO Community Benefit grant cycles in 2017:
Community Benefit, Rounds 5 and 6 

What does this mean for applicants?  Applicants may apply for both rounds, however, proposals may NOT be for the same program or project.

What happens to the Healthcare grant cycle? Healthy Harbor is now part of Community Benefit grants.

What amount of funding is available? HCBF has a total of $500,000 available per round, for a total award of $1 Million in 2017.

More details to follow in the Request for Letters of Interest, to be released Monday, February 27th. Please visit hcbf.org/grants for an overview of Community Benefit Grants and a timeline. See below for the steps in the LOI process.