HCBF Land Use Study – Translated Materials and Workshop Resources Available Now!

In April 2018, HCBF hosted a community workshop to share findings from the Harbor Community Off-Port Land Use Study conducted by Raimi + Associates. Beth Altshuler of Raimi + Associates facilitated the workshop with introductions by Meghan Reese and the former HCBF Board Chair David Sloane. Spanish interpretation was conducted by Rocio Pacheco and a colleague.

There was a lot of interest for additional presentations at other community meetings. If you would like to work with HCBF to host a presentation, please contact Tamanna Rahman (tamanna@hcbf.org).

Those who want to host a workshop for their own community can view the recorded presentation (in English or Spanish) and use the supplemental material to facilitate the discussion. The materials HCBF developed for the workshop are available to access on our website in English and Spanish.

To view the Land Use Study Community Workshop page, CLICK HERE!

In the future, HCBF looks forward to hosting another community workshop to share findings from the San Pedro and Wilmington Noise studies. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, check out the Land Use Study materials and workshop resources.