HCBF Proudly Releases the Harbor Community Off-Port Land Use Study!

The Harbor Community Off-Port Land Use Study was required in HCBF’s TraPac Memorandum of Understanding. The report, produced by HCBF’s consultant Raimi + Associates, is an important discussion of the cumulative impacts of the activities of the Port of Los Angeles and Port-related businesses on the surrounding communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.

This highly anticipated study is in final form, and we are excited to share the results. We hope that you find the Harbor Community Off-Port Land Use Study a useful resource.

We thank Raimi + Associates, The Civic Engine, and all involved community members, stakeholders, CBO’s, and experts for their thoughtfulness and diligence in seeing this report to its final version. Special thanks to HCBF’s appellants for ensuring the existence of HCBF and the concept of this study, and to the Board of Directors and Ad-Hoc committee who consistently reviewed the report to help create a document that will serve our communities for many years to come.



For more information, please contact Meghan: meghan@hcbf.org