HCBF Wants to Hear from Interested AQMF Applicants!

The Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF) is gearing up to release the RFP for the Air Quality Mitigation Program. HCBF plans to award $5 million for technology demonstration projects to reduce port-related air emissions in the San Pedro Bay Area.

With technical support from Kat Janowicz of 3COTECH Inc., HCBF will be conducting outreach to eligible applicants and answer questions.

HCBF would like to hear from interested applicants! 

Please provide some basic contact and background information using the Air Quality Mitigation Program RFP Outreach Form linked below.

Air Quality Mitigation Program RFP Outreach Form

Your feedback is very important to us. Your comments and questions will help us not only to structure the outreach process better but also address any potential concerns you may have regarding the selection process and subsequent project demonstration.

Please fill out the form, and let us know who is interested. You will also be added to the AQMF mailing list and will be notified of any informational sessions, resources, and RFP release.

Visit the HCBF website to find out more about the Air Quality Mitigation Program, application process, and other FAQs.