HCBF’s 2018-2019 Grant Program Update

Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF) is committed to benefiting the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington by providing grant funding to organizations that address the impacts of Port operations and improve the quality of life in these communities. HCBF’s 70+ grantees have executed outstanding projects and programs throughout our 7 years of existence; these have been a source of great pride for all HCBF Staff and Board members.

In 2018, HCBF dedicated resources to developing our newest grant program, the Air Quality Mitigation Program. Through this program, the Air Quality Mitigation Fund (AQMF) will provide up to $5 million to reduce air emissions from Port operations within the San Pedro Bay area. We are currently in the early stages of the program (receiving applications from eligible and interested potential participants), and we anticipate reviewing received applications and announcing the awarded AQMF projects in Summer 2019. We look forward to bringing innovative and cleaner technologies to our communities.

In addition to the AQMF Program, HCBF will be implementing a new strategy to leverage funds to best serve our commitment to the Harbor community. Given HCBF’s limited remaining Port Community Mitigation Trust Fund (PCMTF) balance, a collective impact project model is currently being discussed and vetted by HCBF’s Board of Directors. It is HCBF’s goal for this larger scale project to engage new partners and establish a focused impact area to continue improving the lives of the Harbor residents. We look to grantees, residents, stakeholders, and all community members for support as we focus our efforts and enter a new year of service to our Port communities and residents.

We anticipate announcing another round of Community Benefit grants in Fall of 2019. If you have any questions, please contact HCBF’s Executive Director, Meghan Reese at meghan@hcbf.org.