Highlight on HCBF’s Board of Directors: Ed Avol

Here’s what Ed has to say!

It’s been an honor to serve as a HCBF Director for the past three years! In this capacity I try to provide a health and science-based perspective on the various ways in which the Port impacts the lives of those living in the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington.

I strongly believe that HCBF can provide a balanced perspective, credible community-sensitive studies, and some financial support to help address the impact of port activities. We are advocates for communities whose legitimate concerns have too often been pushed aside in the name of port expansion and economic growth. I am inspired to be working with fellow HCBF Directors to support projects that improve quality of life in the port communities.

As a Professor in the USC Department of Preventive Medicine and Director of the Environmental Health Division, I conduct research to study the impacts of environmental exposures on human health, especially air pollution. I have been at USC for over 27 years. In addition to being on the board of HCBF, I have been a member of the Port Community Air Quality Committee (PCAC) as their Air Quality Health Advisor. I have also served on Mayor Hahn’s “No Net Increase” Task Force related to Port growth and been on several USEPA Clean Air Advisory Committee (CASAC) expert panels to review national air quality standards (in Bush & Obama Administrations).

I have an amazing wife who is a public-school teacher, four children, and four wonderful grandchildren. I have been a competitive runner for over 50 years and still love to race, though I have been noticing more and more runners passing me by! I also enjoy coaching a community running club to get others engaged in creating a healthy life-long habit of regular exercise.