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Highlight on HCBF’s Board of Directors: Richard Havenick

Here’s what Richard has to say!

I joined HCBF as a member of the Board of Directors in June 2018 hoping to help improve the quality of life in harbor area communities while reducing the negative impacts from port operations.  The Foundation is a proven success and I hope to continue while also helping to ensure a long life for HCBF.  We work with community organizations, regulators, industry, and the community at large to ensure cleaner air and water and a high quality of lifestyle for all.

I’m also a Board member of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council where I serve as Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee. Previously, I served on the City of Los Angeles No Net Increase Task Force, the Caltrans I-710 Environmental Impact Review Air Quality Committee, and the Port of Los Angeles Community Advisory Committee as Chair of the Air Quality Subcommittee.

Prior to HCBF, I worked 33 years in engineering and technology with the past two decades of public service focused on environmental and public health issues.  From open-ocean construction operations through three decades at Boeing in a variety of management and staff positions, I hope to bring practical engineering and business experience to the Board.

In my free time, I surf and sail and hike our coastal bluffs and islands. I enjoy my loving family and friends and live in Coastal San Pedro.