Highlight on HCBF’s Board of Directors: Richard Havenick

Here’s what Richard has to say!

In June 2018, I was officially joined HCBF as a member of the Board of Directors. It has been an exciting time for HCBF and I hope to help ensure the longevity of the organization as a leader in developing and implementing effective measures to improve the quality of life in the harbor area communities while reducing the negative impacts from port serving industries. I hope to work with community organizations, regulators, industry, and the community at large to ensure cleaner air and water and a high quality of lifestyle for all.

In addition to serving on the HCBF Board, I am a current member of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council where I serve as Chair of the Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee. Previously, I served on the Port of Los Angeles Community Advisory Committee (PCAC), City of Los Angeles No Net Increase Task Force, and the Caltrans I-710 Environmental Impact Review Air Quality Committee.

Besides the above mentioned, I have spent 33 years in engineering technology field with the past two decades of public service focused on environmental and public health issues.  From open-ocean construction operations through 31 years at Boeing in a variety of management and staff positions, I bring practical engineering and business experience to the Board.

Other than board and community meetings, I love exploring our coastal bluffs by hiking and riding and enjoy surfing and sailing our beautiful shores. I have a wonderful wife and daughter and we live in San Pedro.