HCBF Grantee Highlight – International Bird Rescue

International Bird Rescue Project Lead Devin Hanson provides a “Working with Wild Neighbors” training and additional resources to the Fire Department, Station 111.

The Port Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project

As a Community Benefit Round 6 grant recipient, International Bird Rescue (IBR) was awarded funds to explore and mitigate issues affecting wildlife in and around the Port of Los Angeles. As part of the Port Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project, analysis was conducted using historical information from International Bird Rescue, the Marine Mammal Care Center, Fort MacArthur and other resources. The Project Lead Devin Hanson and the International Bird Rescue research team, assessed common threats to our local wildlife to provide a more complete view of the overall health of the port. It also helped identify opportunities for further improvements within the scope of marine wildlife.

Findings from the Port Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project were shared with a diverse group of companies and organizations that work within the Port of Los Angeles.  From oil and gas companies to yacht club members, IBR provided information on common wildlife conflicts and ways to prevent negative wildlife interactions. Continued education of industry and of the public is an important step to improving outcomes for both people and for wildlife.

Local leaders agree that the Port Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project was valuable:

Ann Lynch of South Bay Wildlife Rehab said, “Anytime you can get more people involved and understanding wildlife is just super great.”

Dr. Lauren Palmer of Marine Mammal Care Center said, “I think it’s a really good look at a baseline, not sure that it has ever been done before… it should be repeated.” ‘

For more information on this project, please contact Julie Skoglund (Julie.Skoglund@bird-rescue.org), the Program Operations Manager.


Veterinarian Dr Duerr provides feedback for an intern on a data set for her summer intern research project.

Research Internship Program

Previous to this project, HCBF had supported International Bird Rescue’s impactful summer research internship program for over five years. The Academic Internship Program, provided local high school and college students the opportunity to analyze International Bird Rescue data and to work closely with staff and a veterinarian to develop projects that addressed problems that cause aquatic birds to come into International Bird Rescue.

With dedicated staff and HCBF funds, International Bird Rescue provided a valuable summer internship program for many local teenagers from San Pedro High School, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, and many others.

Intern Dennis Constanza shared why he would recommend this internship to others, “It really opened my eyes as to who I can be and what I can do to help others.”


Intern Talia Baddour presents her summer internship research project for a science fair.

My favorite aspect of this internship was the abundance of bird knowledge and information available to all of the interns. For instance, every morning of my internship I learned about the birds in the Center via the intense curriculum and in the afternoons this knowledge was reinforced in the clinic when watching the amazing staff work their magic on all of the beautiful birds while simultaneously providing bird facts,” raved Intern Talia Baddour when asked about her experience.

Blog posts highlighting other research interns can be found on the IBR website:

We are grateful to HCBF for its support which allowed us to learn more about how humans and wildlife interact around the port and identify ways we can improve these interactions within this shared habitat.” – IBR