Community Benefit Round 7 RFP: By Invitation Only

Congratulations! Your submission has made it to the next step in the grant process. 

If you were provided with technical assistance in your invitation email, please contact HCBF if you have any questions on the feedback that was provided. Please note that the reason technical assistance is provided is to ensure that your full application best articulates your project or program’s ability to mitigate the impacts of the Port. Please email Tamanna ( for clarification on any feedback provided.

We will not have a grant workshop on this RFP, so please contact HCBF directly with any questions.

VIEW Request for Proposals 

Deadline to Submit Full Proposal – Friday, August 21st, 2020 by 4pm PST

HCBF’s mission is to mitigate the impacts of Port and Port-related operations on the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro. Your submission must provide a well articulated, defensible argument for why your project or program is best suited to mitigate those impacts, and what those impacts are. Please remember that each line item, where you request HCBF funding, must be related to mitigating an impact of the Port of LA. Be specific in your budget narrative. Review the Request for Proposals thoroughly and follow directions on the Submittable form for uploading documents or filling out the provided form fields. Please contact HCBF with any questions: 310-997-7116 or




*No other form will be accepted for these items.

Applications are due by 4pm on Friday, August 21st. Your application will be reviewed by Staff and a Board Ad-Hoc committee.

You will be notified before your application is being recommended to the full HCBF Board. As a reminder, your grant is not approved until the Board of Harbor Commissioners at the Port of LA votes on Final Approval (TBD – late 2020). We will post further details on the timeline so please check back for updates.