Community Benefit Program


The Community Benefit Grant Program awards grants from the Port Community Mitigation Trust Fund, which was established to address Port of Los Angeles and Port-related impacts in the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.



Community Benefit Round 9 Open Call for Proposals

Harbor Community Benefit Foundation is seeking full proposals from qualified applicants for the Community Benefit Grant Program.  Full proposals are due on Friday, March 24th, 2023, by 4PM PST.


For the upcoming Port Community Mitigation Trust Fund (PCMTF) grant round, HCBF welcomes proposals that support workforce training programs while aligning with HCBF’s mission of investing in port-impacted communities and meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Reducing the community or health impacts of port-related pollution.
  2. Equity-focused strategies serving Wilmington and San Pedro residents most impacted by port-related activities.
  3. Demonstrate long-term benefits to the disadvantaged communities of Wilmington & San Pedro.
  4. Support organizations in Wilmington or San Pedro.

Examples of potential projects or project areas may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Apprenticeship and/or career development opportunities in zero-emissions and/or clean transportation sectors, environmental monitoring, and other associated technologies.
  • Educational training programs (for those 16 years and older) that help establish a skilled zero-emissions workforce pipeline in the harbor area.
  • Professional training, workforce development, or apprenticeships in areas related to addressing off-port impacts, such as green jobs, land use (zoning laws), state laws, etc.
  • Creating a green jobs online portal to provide information on green careers, workforce development programs, and job postings in the community, the Ports, and port-related industries.

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If you have any questions, please contact Tamanna Rahman, Program Director at Thank you!


What are Port and Port-related Impacts?

These impacts are from the operations of the Port of Los Angeles, both on and off-port property, and it is HCBF’s goal to address these impacts by funding projects and programs that mitigate the past, present, or future impacts. The following are some examples of Port Impacts that HCBF has previously funded in the Community Benefit program:

  • Air Quality
  • Health Risk
  • Land Use
  • Marine Life & Ecology
  • Noise

For more information about past projects, please visit the HCBF Grant Database.