Community Benefit Program


Community Benefit Grant Program Round 8 Request for Proposals

Deadline to Submit Application: Friday, July 15, 2022

The Harbor Community Benefit Foundation is excited to announce the solicitation of application for Round 8 for the Community Benefit Grant Program. The Community Benefit Grant Program awards grants from the Port Community Mitigation Trust Fund, which was established to address Port of Los Angeles and Port-related impacts in the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.

HCBF intends to distribute up to a total of $250,000 in grant awards

This grant round is part of a larger strategy to bring resources into the community, support ongoing collaborations, and establish new partnerships that benefit the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington. Applicants will likely be more competitive if their respective submitted proposal meets the listed eligibility criteria, aligns with program goals, and effectively leverages matched funding. The inclusion of a matched-funding provision will extend the limited impact that HCBF funding awards can provide and expand the potential pool of engaged and participating organizations in these community improvement efforts. HCBF hopes to work with partners to leverage grant funds with support from other entities to better serve the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.

Please review the Request for Proposals for details on funding areas, eligibility, how to apply, and what information is required in the application. 

How to Submit an Application

The grant application submission process if exclusively online through Submittable. We do not accept paper-based or email submissions. 

To submit a project proposal, please visit the application portal, create a Submittable log-in, complete the application form, and submit your proposal. You can save your work and upload attachments through the form. Please note that HCBF does not have access to user accounts or the ability to troubleshoot technical issues. Please contact Submittable customer support directly with any technical concerns. 

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Tamanna Rahman at 

Required Templates

*No other forms will be accepted for these items.

Application Review

Applications are due by 4pm on Friday, July 15th, 2022. Your application will be reviewed by Staff and a Board Ad-Hoc committee.

You will be notified before your application is being recommended to the full HCBF Board. As a reminder, your grant is not approved until the Board of Harbor Commissioners at the Port of LA votes on Final Approval (TBD – late 2022). We will post further details on the timeline so please check back for updates.

What are Port and Port-related impacts?

These impacts are from the operations of the Port of Los Angeles, both on and off-port property, and it is HCBF’s goal to address these impacts by funding projects and programs that mitigate the past, present, or future impacts. The following are some examples of general categories of Port-related impacts that HCBF has previously funded in the Community Benefit program:

  • Air & Water Quality
  • Health Risk
  • Land Use
  • Marine Life & Local Ecology
  • Environmental Noise Exposure
  • Access to Natural Spaces and Community Resources

The RFP provides some examples of potential projects or project areas.

HCBF’s mission is to mitigate the impacts of Port and Port-related operations on the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro. Your submission must provide a well articulated, defensible argument for why your project or program is best suited to mitigate those impacts, and what those impacts are. Please remember that each line item, where you request HCBF funding, must be related to mitigating an impact of the Port of LA. Be specific in your budget narrative.

Materials for Current Community Benefit Grantees:

If you have any questions, please contact Tamanna Rahman, Program Director at

Community Benefit Round 7 Grant Awardees

HCBF announced the award of $209,169 in grants to Los Angeles WalksSouth Bay Center for CounselingSharefest Community Development, and Wilmington Community Clinic. These organizations have been serving the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, and we are honored to work with them. Below is an overview of the projects that have been awarded with these funds.

Los Angeles Walks
Grant Purpose:
 Los Angeles Walks is partnering with Best Start Wilmington to develop The Safe Streets Community Promotora Education Program and train the next community educators on built environment, safe streets, and how to access city resources.
Serving: Low income households, medically vulnerable individuals, commuters
Amount Awarded: $75,000

Wilmington Community Clinic
Grant Purpose:
 To expand their asthma and allergy programs, WCC will be using their funds to compensate their employees and purchase critical medical supplies. These funds will go towards asthma and allergy diagnoses, screenings and case management.
Serving: Low income, medically vulnerable, undocumented residents of Wilmington
Amount Awarded: $34,169

South Bay Center for Counseling
Grant Purpose:  SBCC will work on their Reclaiming Greenspace Project, in which they will convert a vacant lot into a community farm. Features of the farm will include raised beds that will be rented out to residents for $10 a month, a compost station, and a meditation space for community members.
Serving: Vulnerable families without access to healthy produce and green space in Wilmington.
Amount Awarded: $60,000

Sharefest Los Angeles
Grant Purpose:
  Sharefest LA is in the process of jumpstarting their 14-week service learning opportunity to engage students in continuation high schools. This program will include activities such as tree planting, renovation and improvements to public facilities and parks, and more. These activities will help improve air and water quality, neighborhood safety and aesthetics, accessibility and attractiveness of public facilities and parks.
Serving: High school continuation students, low-income port community members
Amount Awarded: $40,000

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