Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program

The Harbor Community Benefit Foundation is excited to present the Round 1 Awardees for the Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative grant program. The purpose of this grant program is to address and mitigate the impacts of Port of Los Angeles and Port-related activity on the health and well-being of San Pedro and Wilmington residents.

This grant program focuses on projects or programs designed to address the goals described above and also the following priority funding areas: 

  • Public Health – monitoring health status & investigating health hazards to address environmental health problems; developing mechanisms for tracking disease; informing, educating, and engaging the community about environmental health issues or reducing exposure to disease, mobilizing community partnerships to address environmental health problems, other actions to improve and protect the health of the community or mitigate some port-related impacts.  
  • Healthcare/Clinical – seek to improve and expand equitable access to and delivery of health services and care needed in the community (ex. screenings, disease management education, medication, etc.)   
  • Community-based participatory research – opportunities to identify and reduce environmental health disparities in underserved communities as a result of port-related impacts or improving public health.   

Application however were not limited to just these categories.  This health-focused grant round is part of a larger strategy to bring resources into the community, support ongoing collaborations, and establish new partnerships that benefit the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington. HCBF is committed to promoting health and creating a healthy environment for those most affected by Port and port-related operations.


Round 1 HHCI Grantees

HCBF is committed to investing in the health of Wilmington and San Pedro residents and we are honored to work with these organizations. Below is an overview of the projects that will be immediately awarded through the Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program.

American Cancer Society 
Grant Purpose:
 American Cancer Society will use these funds to establish medical and cancer related care in San Pedro and Wilmington to improve access by building on partnerships. These partnerships will ensure that those with abnormal screening results will receive timely follow-up and treatment.
Serving: Low income households and medically vulnerable individuals within San Pedro and Wilmington.
Amount Awarded: $21,637

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation 
Grant Purpose:
 Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation will provide 150 air purifiers and hand sanitizer refills to low-income households for free. They will provide education on the proper use of the air filters. Flyers will be distributed highlighting additional healthcare services and resources. Buddhist Tzu Chi plans to partner with Providence Little Company of Mary Wellness and Activity Center, Harbor City Community Job Center, and A Needy Wilmington to ensure residents have access to a full spectrum of care.
Serving: Low income and medically vulnerable residents of Wilmington
Amount Awarded: $35,000

Memorial Medical Center Foundation/LBACA
Grant Purpose:  These funds will work to expand LBACA’s Asthma Intervention, Education and Outreach Program. Forty children with uncontrolled asthma and their families will be enrolled into the program. Community Health Workers will conduct 3-4 virtual home visits to educate the children and their families about proper asthma management to improve asthma-related health outcomes.
Serving: Vulnerable children with asthma and their families living in San Pedro or Wilmington.
Amount Awarded: $60,000

St. Mary Medical Center 
Grant Purpose:
 Through the Respiratory Rescue Program, the St. Mary Medical Center (SMMC) Mobile Care Unit will address the risks associated with asthma and other cardiopulmonary issues among adults and seniors. Over a span of 18 months, the Mobile Care Unit team will provide respiratory health screenings, diagnostics, and pulmonary health education services, providing access to much needed medical care resources to adults and seniors in the medically underserved communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.
Serving: Seniors and other medically underserved communities of San Pedro and Wilmington with respiratory health issues.
Amount Awarded: $174,194


Materials for Grantees

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If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Tamanna Rahman, HCBF’s Program Director at