Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program

The Harbor Community Benefit Foundation is pleased to announce a new solicitation for grant proposals from eligible entities as part of the foundation’s Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative. The purpose of this grant program is to address and mitigate the impacts of Port of Los Angeles and Port-related activity on the health and well-being of San Pedro and Wilmington residents. This health-focused grant round is part of a larger strategy to bring resources into the community, support ongoing collaborations, and establish new partnerships that benefit the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington.

The ongoing COVID public health emergency has impacted communities in many ways, including the health of vulnerable populations in San Pedro and Wilmington. These impacts are being felt over and above the effects of long-term exposure to air pollution and the cumulative off-port impacts created by past and present Port operations. HCBF is committed to promoting health and creating a healthy environment for those affected by Port operations, so we announce and seek full proposals from qualified applicants for HCBF’s Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program.

The priority funding areas for this round are, but not limited to, public health, health/clinical care, and community-based research. HCBF intends to distribute up to a total of $250,000 in grant awards. We anticipate awarding multiple applications.

Applicants should carefully review the Request for Proposals.

Deadline Extended! Full applications are due Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 by 4pm PST and must be submitted online via Submittable.

Application Resources

Required Templates for Application:

Link to Submittable for Community Benefit Round 7 Applicants (By invitation only): Submittable for CBR7 Applicants

How to Contact Us

You may contact HCBF Staff at any time for questions related to this application