Wilmington Community Clinic: Improving Access to Asthma and Respiratory Health Care in Near-Port Communities

As we know, air pollution can lead to severe health problems. California encounters about half the amount of polluted air throughout the United States. With San Pedro and Wilmington residents encountering high pollution, it is important to keep the community informed and to take action for cleaner air.

Wilmington Community Clinic, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), has helped provide many families living in Wilmington, San Pedro, and the surrounding Los Angeles area with affordable primary care and other essential health care services. With the mission of serving the community with no discrimination against ethnicity and economical status, WCC has been able to expand their reach to benefit an even larger spectrum of individuals within the community.  HCBF is pleased to acknowledge WCC with many of their inspiring accomplishments and provide funding to proceed with an even powerful impact.  

With funds awarded through HCBF’s Community Benefit Grant Program, WCC has continued their asthma program with Dr. Robinson, the Asthma Program Director. During this grant round, WCC has been able to help 86 patients who suffer from asthma which can be exacerbated due to local air pollution sources in the San Pedro harbor area. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, WCC relied more on their Telehealth services. Arlette Garcia, the case manager, and a medical assistant provided asthma and allergy related services to 30 patients. The team contacted an additional 30 patients and provided information through remote education about COVID-19 safety protocol and asthma trigger prevention to stay safe during the pandemic.

As with many organizations facing the challenges of the pandemic while still trying to serve its mission, WCC provided virtual informative session on Asthma Training via Zoom so that patients will have the correct information on how to best manage their asthma and limit ER visits during the pandemic.

Here is a sample educational flyer that is shared so people know how to avoid asthma triggers, keeping themselves or a family safe.   

To help patients who suffer from asthma and other related respiratory conditions, proper medication and medical treatment is necessary. With HCBF funds, WCC has been able to keep the clinic equipped with spirometers, pulse oximeters, peak flow meters, and nebulizers; as well as dedicated staff, such as an allergy specialist and case manager, to ensure that patients are properly screened, diagnosed and treated, and have the education and resources they need to improve their health outcomes.  

The Wilmington and San Pedro residents who are adversely affected by the poor air quality near the Port and who suffer asthma will learn how to avoid triggers and how to manage their health condition on an individual level with medication and behavioral changes. 

More funding for programs such as WCC’s is much needed during this slow progress towards cleaner air. 

Take action for clean air on #CleanAirDayCA by taking the pledge @CleanAirDay pledge: https://www.cleanairday.org/take-the-pledge/